Getting Ready for 2015

If you are like me, you may have eaten a little too much sugar and not gotten quite enough rest and exercise over the last few weeks. The good news is that January is the perfect time for a reset. I am not talking about the usual vague New Year’s resolutions that are forgotten in a few weeks. Instead let’s create specific new patterns that will create lifelong habits. The best way to do this is to be as specific as possible. We need something to put on the calendar. Put yourself on the list by putting yourself on the calendar. Here are two examples from my list:

  1. I will talk a walk on Monday and Friday at 9:15am
  2. I will do yoga/stretches on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays at 1pm

I can schedule these events. After 21 days of adhering to this schedule, scientists say I will have created a new habit.

Next one the list are specific plans to change behaviors that you are done with. What behavior do you want to change? How will you change it? Here is one of mine:

  • I will not eat anything after 7pm. If I get a sugar craving, I will have a cup of hot tea and then brush my teeth.

I will not claim that making these changes are easy, but they will be easier if there is a plan in place. While we are working on these new habits lets support one another. Post your plans in the comments and encourage one another. Let’s make this our best year yet.


After The Run

The title of this post applies equally to getting through Halloween and to the Turn Back the Clock family run that ended the weekend. Even without the trick-or-treating we had lots of activities and treats. My preschooler had a harvest party and my son was dismissed early as it was the end of conference week. We spend Friday and Saturday with family and friends and were glad to be able to enjoy Sunday with just our family unit.

We walked up to the local park to participate in the run. The kids had a good time and we enjoyed the lovely fall walk on the way there and back.

We spend the rest of the afternoon playing games and enjoying each others company. Scheduling downtime is as important for family health as physical fitness. Don’t we always know when the kids have had a little too much fun?

Stroller Strides Anniversary Party

Four years ago my life changed when I was invited to the grand opening of Stroller Strides Olympia. With two small children buckled into a double stroller, I discovered a new kind of workout. We ran, did crunches and held squats while singing “5 Little Monkeys” to our kids.
Slowly my body and self-confidence began to change. In addition, I had found a group of women who became a needed support community. These ladies understood sleep-deprivation, toddler tantrums and “mommy brain.” As the kids grew they continued to look forward to the after workout play dates with their friends.
Today my kids are too big for the stroller and Stroller Strides has evolved into Fit4Mom Olympia. There are classes for moms in every stage for life.  I continue to be grateful for all I learned with these ladies.
On Sept 6 you are invited to a free workout and party to celebrate the 4th anniversary of this amazing community program.

Help for the Afternoon Slump

Many of us find that we get a little tired in the afternoon. This may be caused by any number of things:

  • Thyroid issues
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • A baby who kept you up all night

It doesn’t much matter what the causes is when you hit that slump. The easiest thing to do is reach for coffee or sugar to give you a little extra pep. Those solutions are temporary at best and can have adverse effects, such as weight gain or an inability to fall asleep at night. There are other options that you can choose from.

  1. Exercise

    Moving your body is a great way to wake up. This can be an afternoon workout session or just an impromptu dance party with the kids. Even a couple of toe touches and twists at work will have a reviving effect.

  2. A Healthy Snack

    While chocolate might be momentarily satisfying, the effects are short-lived and the sugar fix is likely to cause more cravings. Try supplementing a small piece of dark chocolate with some protein and fiber. Great snacks include: apple and nut butter, cheese and carrot or tuna and avocado. The protein will stabilize your blood sugar for more lasting results.

  3. Take a Nap

    If possible lay down for 15-20 minutes, your body may be trying to tell you something.

These strategies will help you get through the hours until dinner and the blessed beginnings of the bedtime routine. However, if you experience fatigue every afternoon you will may want to look at medical issues (see above) or your schedule. Going to bed and getting up at the same time every day will help you feel more rested overall and may eliminate this afternoon desire for a nap. You can find suggestions for getting to sleep here.