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I am a mom and a health coach. I help moms and families thrive on their own terms.

Super Bowl Menu

All of Washington State and much of the nation will be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 1. Many of us will be doing so with friends. Whether you are looking for snacks or a meal idea, I have some ideas for you. Continue reading


Healthy Snack Ideas

IMG_1746How many times a day do we, as moms, here the phrase, “I’m hungry.” Some days I feel like I spend all of my time in the kitchen. I don’t dare plan a day trip without thinking of snacks for the car. This is especially true during the kids’ growth spurts!

Snacks are one of the most challenging aspects of a whole food diet for me. It is easy to fix health food at home when there is plenty of time. It can be harder on rushed days or when there is no kitchen handy.

I have compiled a list of some of my go-to snack ideas. Continue reading

National Health Coach Week

Welcome to the first annual National Health Coach week. I would like to celebrate this event by offering a special gift to the first five people who schedule a FREE health consultation with me this week.

I will also be holding a raffle for anyone who contacts me this week to schedule a health history. The winner will receive three months of free health coaching!

As a reminder, here is my contact information:

email: joyoushealth@jenniferganey.com

phone: 360-704-9486

I hope to talk to you soon.

Simple Meals for Anytime

Are you looking for quick ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here are two simple meals that will work any time of day.

The kids thought they were getting a treat last night when I made plantain nachos for dinner but these are not junk food. Pan-fried plantains are topped with a mix of grass-fed ground beef, peppers and carrot seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano. We garnished the nachos with fresh cilantro (great for detoxing the body of heavy metals and other toxins), tomatoes, green onions and avocado. Fresh green beans rounded out the meal.

plantain nachos

My breakfast this morning of sweet potato stuffed with grass-fed beef and plenty of colorful vegetables (left over from last night). Grass-fed butter and fermented horseradish add extra nutrition and will keep me full through a hectic day.

stuffed sweet potato

What are you cooking this week?