Cold and Flu

While there are debates about the concept of “cold and flu season” the beginning of fall seems like a good time to discuss some of my favorite tips for dealing with common symptoms of nasal congestion and coughs.

1. Nasal Congestion

  • A Neti pot will clear your head just as efficiently as medication but without the side-effects. A hot shower can often help as well.
  • Essential oils such as eucalyptus and mint or Breath (DoTerra blend) can be added to a hot bath or humidifier to ease breathing.
  • A homemade vapor rub such as this one applied to the chest or the bottom of the feet (I recommend the later for children) will easy congestion and help with coughing

2. Sore Throats

  • Tea with honey will soothe. I prefer using echinacea for the immune boost.

3. General recovery

  •  A wellness shot of 1T apple cider vinegar, 1tsp honey and a dash of cayenne pepper taken 1-3 times a day at the onset of symptoms may speed recovery.
  • to replace any lost electrolytes skip the Gatorade and make your own version that is free of artificial chemicals. I use this recipe from Modern Alternative Mama
  • Hot baths with two cups for Epsom Salt will give you a dose of magnesium as well as soothing any aches. Adding essential oils can aid in relaxation or decongestant.
  • Tumeric tea will reduce inflammation and speed recovery
    • mix the following: 1 cup of hot water, 1-2 T coconut milk, 1tsp tumeric, dash of cinnamon if desired.
  • The best cure for any cold is rest!
dTumeric tea for three

These and other recipes and tips can be found on my Pinterest page:

Wishing you all a healthy fall and winter!


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