Healthy Snack Lecture

I spend the weekend learning and recharging with a friend and colleague at Long Beach. She coaches a thyroid group there and allowed me to join in. We spent the rest of the day celebrating the end of our year-long training with a hike in Cape Disappointment State Park, a walk on the beach and some delicious fresh seafood.

Now we are in full back-to-school preparations. The kids have requested pancakes as their first breakfast and pancake sandwiches for lunch. I have also made some homemade fig bars for snacks at my daughter’s preschool (they are serving cookies and milk the first day). This leads me to the thoughts of a nine months of snacks that will be needed. 
Of course, the snacks aren’t just for school.  They are needed for long car trips, field trips and afternoon homework breaks. 

If this idea seems daunting please join me for a discussion on healthy (and tasty) snacks on Wednesday, September 10 at 9:30. This will be the first of several talks to take place at St. Andrew’s Preschool during the coming school year.


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