Stroller Strides Anniversary Party

Four years ago my life changed when I was invited to the grand opening of Stroller Strides Olympia. With two small children buckled into a double stroller, I discovered a new kind of workout. We ran, did crunches and held squats while singing “5 Little Monkeys” to our kids.
Slowly my body and self-confidence began to change. In addition, I had found a group of women who became a needed support community. These ladies understood sleep-deprivation, toddler tantrums and “mommy brain.” As the kids grew they continued to look forward to the after workout play dates with their friends.
Today my kids are too big for the stroller and Stroller Strides has evolved into Fit4Mom Olympia. There are classes for moms in every stage for life.  I continue to be grateful for all I learned with these ladies.
On Sept 6 you are invited to a free workout and party to celebrate the 4th anniversary of this amazing community program.

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