Planning Meals for Your Next Camping Trip

Summer has always meant family adventures and camping in the beautiful Pacific Northwest to me. Though as a mom, it also means a lot of work. The kids love camping and it can be a struggle to figure out what to feed them without resorting to processed junk.

I have been asked several times what I take on these trips. I try to prep as much as possible before we leave as it is much easier to cook in my kitchen at home than over a camp stove or fire pit. I have a few staples that my kids enjoy, such as dried fruit for snacks and hot dogs on a stick. I pair these with whatever vegetables I find available and a special treat or two.

Here is what I packed on our latest two-day adventure in the woods:

hard-boiled eggs
oatmeal (my son and husband insist on this every morning)

peanut butter sandwiches
greens with canned tuna
vegetable sticks

curried cauliflower
sweet potato hash
precooked hamburgers
Applegate hot dogs

Snacks and Treats:
dried fruit and vegetables (beets, carrots, mango, peaches)
nuts (soaked and dried)
homemade beef jerky
chocolate chip cookies


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