Healthy Snacks for Summer Fun

My family and I enjoyed our first trip to the Thurston County Fair this weekend. It was fun to introduce the kids to some of the things I remember from the attending the Puyallup Fair as a child. We petted animals, toured the displays and even tried a couple of rides.
The one thing that I did differently from my childhood was bring my own healthy snacks for the kids. There were plenty of unhealthy fair options, all of which were expensive and likely to make me ill later. Instead we ate lunch before leaving then had a snack of blueberries, almonds and a bit of beef jerky. We also too plenty of water as it was a hot day. The kids were thrilled with their snack, especially since they helped pick those blueberries yesterday. We saved money and had plenty of energy to continue enjoying the fair. No sugar crash here.
Other snack options for travel include:
Fresh or dried fruit
Dried vegetables (beets and carrots are a favorite hiking snack)
Good quality cheese
Carrot sticks and snap peas
Mini muffins
Homemade granola or date/nut bars

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