Be Bad

I listened to an interesting talk this week. The theme was “be bad.” The Institute of Integrative Nutrition defines “bad” as something you feel you shouldn’t do or feel is irresponsible. These are little things that you might not do because it conflicts with your routine, your sense of responsibility or is just too silly to feel right. Suggested ideas included scheduling a play date for yourself rather than your kids or leaving work early to get a massage.
I have thought about this off and on over the last few days. Today I was tired and a bit cranky. Without consciously trying,

I did something bad. I put on a video for the kids to watch then spend a lovely 20 min soaking in a hot bath with a fun book before the yelling and door slamming started.

The interesting result is that when the fighting did start downstairs I was feeling too relaxed to get angry. When they interrupted me I simply told them to go to their rooms and read until I was out of the bath. I didn’t mad and the world didn’t end because I told them wait.
That bath could be considered irresponsible or an example of self-care when it was needed. What do you think?

What can you do today that is “bad” and that might make you feel good?


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