My Health Journey

My Health Journey


Fifteen years ago, while sitting in a college classroom, the room began to spin. The vertigo lasted for a week the first time. More episodes followed and additional symptoms began to emerge: muscle spasms, difficulty breathing, fatigue and mood swings. Even before that there had been daily headaches for as long as I can remember. The fear was almost overpowering at times. What was wrong with me?

For year I sought medical help from various specialists. Some practitioners believed me but couldn’t help, others dismissed me as psychosomatic. One memorable neurologist informed me that I was depressed and more or less making myself sick. He suggested I try medication.  I tried the medication but, of course, it didn’t help. Other medications helped some, but none cured me. Meanwhile, I got married and had two children. Some days I was too sick to get out of bed to care for them.

It was to until someone recommended an integrative medicine physician that things began to change. He prescribed a medication, but also an elimination diet to rule out food sensitivities and triggers. He also recommended meditation, massage and other relaxation practices. At last I saw improvements in my health. Two years later I am 90 percent symptom free and at last in control of my own health and well-being.

These first positive signs fueled both my hopes and my curiosity. Why had I never learned that what I ate and how I dealt with stress might have an impact on my health? Would these same changes help others?

All of the questions eventually led me to the Institute of Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a passion to help other women to lead healthy lives for themselves and their families. Not only do I now have the vitality to be the kind of mother I want to be, I have also found my life’s purpose.
Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health coaching.
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