Fluoride – Life Saver or Poison

Today I read and article describing the rate of childhood and teen toothdecay as an epidemic. While we all know that we should be brushing our kids’ teeth and taking them to the dentist a debate has risen about whether or not we should buy fluoridated toothpaste and drinking water that has been treated with fluoride.

After much debate I have decided that the answer to both of these questions is no. One concern, noted by the CDC is that children will swallow toothpaste potentially leading to fluorosis, a damaging of the tooth enamel. More concerning, is that fluoride is a neurotoxin and may be detrimental to our children’s health.

More information can be found in this article from the Food Consumer group or thie article from preventdisease.com.

Fortuntely, the water is my area does not contain added fluoride, though I still use a water filter for the chlorine and heavy metals.

As an alternative to the usual fluoridated toothpaste the kids are using this <a data-mce-href="%20%20%20amzn_assoc_ad_type%20=%20″product_link”;%20%20%20amzn_assoc_tracking_id%20=%20″jennganehealc-20″;%20%20%20amzn_assoc_marketplace%20=%20″amazon”;%20%20%20amzn_assoc_region%20=%20″US”;%20%20%20amzn_assoc_placement%20=%20″B0080L9G9C”;%20%20%20amzn_assoc_asins%20=%20″B0080L9G9C”;%20%20%20amzn_assoc_show_border%20=%20true;%20%20%20amzn_assoc_link_opens_in_new_window%20=%20true;%20%20%20″ href=”http://healthcoach.integrativenutrition.com/%3Cscript%20charset=%22utf-8%22%20type=%22text/javascript%22%3E%20%20%20amzn_assoc_ad_type%20=%20%22product_link%22;%20%20%20amzn_assoc_tracking_id%20=%20%22jennganehealc-20%22;%20%20%20amzn_assoc_marketplace%20=%20%22amazon%22;%20%20%20amzn_assoc_region%20=%20%22US%22;%20%20%20amzn_assoc_placement%20=%20%22B0080L9G9C%22;%20%20%20amzn_assoc_asins%20=%20%22B0080L9G9C%22;%20%20%20amzn_assoc_show_border%20=%20true;%20%20%20amzn_assoc_link_opens_in_new_window%20=%20true;%20%3C/script%3E%20%3Cscript%20src=%22http://ws-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?ServiceVersion=20070822&Operation=GetScript&ID=OneJS&WS=1&l=as4&source=ss&ref=ss_til%22%3E%20%3C/script%3E”>one from Earthpaste.


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