Eating Well on Vacation

One of the most common questions for those trying to make healthier choices is “what do I eat on vacation?” The two basic answers are to either take food with you or just relax while on your trip. I did a little of both on a recent trip.

My husband and I celebrated out 10th anniversary with a second honeymoon – 4 nights in Victoria B.C without the kids. As nothing like this has happened since the birth of our firstborn 7 years ago I was not going to ruin it by obsessively worrying over every meal. Instead I strove for a balance of healthy meals and indulgent treats.

We were able to find a hotel with a full kitchen and hit the nearest grocery store our first day. We purchased sausages and fresh vegetables for dinner that night. The next day we enjoyed a healthy sack lunch followed by fantastic tiramisu and rose gelatos at Buchart Gardens. These were interesting flavors and definitely not something we would find at home. We also enjoyed trying poutine (my husband was determined to taste this common Canadian dish) and a nice dinner at The Tapa Bar, where we chose roasted vegetable plates.

Like most things in life the key to finding joy is in finding balance. We mixed fresh cooked vegetables, in our hotel and restaurants, with tantalizing (or at least regionally unique) foods that enhanced our experience in Victoria. Like the other senses, taste is a way to experience our surroundings and I am glad that I did not allow anxiety over food choices to diminish that. I savored our trip using as many senses as I could, enjoying the smells of spring blooms and salt air and the feel of the sun and wind on my face at the beach. Vacations are to be savored in every sense possible. They are a time of rejuvenation and I am grateful to have shared so much with my husband during this time.


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