Are you drinking your way to diabetes?

We have all heard that soda is bad for us, but why?

Artificial Ingredients
There are several concerns about soda, including the rest of artificial colors and flavors which have been shown to cause ADHD-like symptoms of hyperactivity and an inability to focus in children. For this reason and others artifical coloring and flavoring ingredients have been banned in the European Union based on the findings of a study done at the University of Southhampton. There also concerns that these chemicals may be carcinagenic as they have caused tumors in lab rates.

One 20oz soda contains the equivalent of 31 sugar cubes. That is far more than the recommended daily allowance of sugar. Sugar is not only addictive, it causes inflammation in the body that leads to diseases such as diabletes, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s. You would never eat 31 cubes of sugar, so why would you drink it? More information can be found in this video about the effects of polar bears drinking soda. Cheesy, yes. It is also just a little bit scary.

I wouldn’t give you the bad news without offering up subsitutes:

  • fruit-infused water
  • tea
  • soda water with lemon

If you are craving something sweet choose something that will really satisfy that craving such as a piece of dark chocolate. For quenching your thirst pick a hydrating beverage that will not make you sick.


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