Love Yourself

Happy Valentine’s Day! As a society we spend a great deal of time talking about love, particularly this time of year. This year I propose adding yourself to the list. Getting adequate amounts of self-care is necessary to having the energy to take care of others. It is difficult to show those around you how much you love them when you are stressed and tired. Here are a few suggestions for relaxing your mind and body tonight:

1. Journal – Keeping either a journal of your feeling from the day or simply writing down three things that you are grateful for each evening before bed is a great way to reduce stress and quiet the mind in preparation for sleep.

2. Read for fun – Treat yourself to a fun book before bed. Enjoy it in the bath or with a cup of tea.

3. Bath – A hot bath with epsom salts is a natural detoxifier to sooth tired muscles. Adding essential oils such as lavendar will further relax the mind and body.

4. Meditate – If you can, sit quietly for 20 minutes and focus only on your breathing or a short mantra. If this is difficult for you, try beginning with several slow deep breaths.

There are a great many ways to relax the mind and body. One of the most important is to ensure a good night’s sleep. Whether or not you try one of these methods, make sure you are taking the time rest and rejuvenate. Make sure to show yourself plenty of love on this and every night.


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